Beta Dub

from by Evolve

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never gave a fuss about no busta or no crust punksta
that wanna rush us cuz they thought that we had $ome ducket$
or at least that we could touch em
or at least they thought that we had some Robitu$$in
or some dro, and they hate us cuz we never got no paper for the blow
hell no, I can’t go, not again, all them pills, window pane windowsill
got me drowning, I ain’t clowning, come and get me, call my peoples
I can hear em through the peephole, heating needles, Hotel Cali
musta thought it was the Eagles, street legal on the Seadoo, boi I see you
don’t even need to speak dude, work alone will leak you
Guns ‘N Roses, T2
Budnik with the Hammerpants, y’all Kickstarter MC’s, we kick stands
and never asked for no handies, we spit in mics, y’all sniffing panties
y’all getting mad, we getting candy, hitting Bambi with no cammies
no wool, no clothes, no sheep, no sleep, it’s just you and me
now what’s it gonna be? you either cooking beef or planting tree$
it ain’t no time for in between, tobacco use only (lol) no nicotine
wipe me down Mr.Clean
my loogie industrial strength, money in the matre$$ not fucking with banks
my main investment is dank, and that’s a little off the top
I keep the rest in the tank
I’m a transvestite baddest b*tch, no p*$$y dripping wet...
Mrs.Klaus with the goodies, got em hoppin off the chimney bald cap
no hat for the jimmy
Jesus freaks freak me weekly, no love for the coppers,
call em JC Penny’s, JNCO jeans for my dawgs like Benji, we the dog catchers
mall veterans, the devil’s in the details, big claims about retail


from Fire To The Prisons, released March 31, 2017
Lyrics and Vox by Beta Max of Cem Com



all rights reserved


Evolve Cincinnati, Ohio

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